Four years of data, local time zones, and more to come soon

Published: 31 Mar 2017

We are working behind the scenes to get ready for its next major update. In the meantime, we are beginning to roll out improvements made in the course of this work.

Many of our users have requested more data, so they can expand their research to cover more than a single year.  So, we are conducting a closed beta test with four years of data (2012-2015). Contact us if this is of interest to you. We are still ironing out some kinks but intend to have even more years of data available online for all users by summer.

In addition, we made some minor improvements:
  1.  By popular request, data downloaded from the web interface now comes with an additional column that shows timestamps in the local time zone. We hope this will avoid confusion – such as the sun shining in the middle of the night when you look at Hawaii. When using the API, this additional column can be disabled by adding local_time=false to the request.
  2. Data from the web interface now includes an additional header row with information about the version, license, and citation for the data. By default, this is disabled for API requests, but can be enabled by adding header=true to the request.

As always, feel free to contact us if there are any issues or if you have any requests and ideas for collaboration!