We welcome your feedback and suggestions, e.g. for additional data that you would find useful, at [email protected].

If you are interested in academic collaboration, contact us by email. For example, we can work with you to generate custom datasets. We are also interested in adding additional data or models to the ninja.


Usage limits

Anonymous users are limited to a maximum of 5 requests per day.

To increase this limit to 50 per hour, please register for a free user account.

In addition to the hourly limit, there is a burst limit, currently set to 6/minute for both anonymous and registered users, to prevent a fast succession of individual requests overloading the server.

If you need a higher limit, e.g. for automated access via the API, please contact us.

Available date range

Currently, the maximum amount of data available per request is 1 year. If you need more than one year, you need to make multiple requests for the same location.

Anonymous users have access to a single year. Registered users have access to the full range of data available.

More historical data is available but not yet online. Please contact us if you need more historical data.

Source code

Supported browsers

Firefox and Chrome are fully supported.

Due to a bug in Safari, downloads do not work (pressing the download button opens a new window displaying the file instead).

If you experience problems with another browser, we recommend you download a recent version of Chrome or Firefox.

Privacy policy

See our privacy policy here.