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Demand models online

14 Sep 2023

As of today, along with the publication of the accompanying paper in Nature Energy, new models for heating and cooling demand are available through the point mode interface and the API.

Pre-generated datasets will soon be added to the country mode interface, while in the meantime, they can also be downloaded from the website.

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New data until the end of 2022

14 Apr 2023

As of today, all the wind, PV and weather custom point simulations and API run until the end of 2022.

Stay tuned for further updates, including but not limited to the aggregated data packages available on the country interface!

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Ninja v1.3 - New data released to end of 2019

07 Apr 2020

Today we release v1.3 of the dataset. All the wind, PV and weather simulations now run until the end of 2019.

The custom point simulations and API now offer data from 2000 until 2019, giving you access to the most recent weather year.

The aggregated data packages available on the country interface now run from 1980 to 2019, giving forty years of data to work with. Aggregated time-series are …

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New API format and model upgrades go live

25 Jul 2019

Earlier last month we announced that the API format is going to change to make the ninja platform more consistent and easier to deal with. These changes have gone live today.

If you use the maps on our the web interface then you won’t be affected by this, and can carry on working as you have done before. If you access through other programs and scripting languages, then you …

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Late spring housekeeping and upcoming API changes

03 Jun 2019

Additional wind power curves

We have updated the power curves that are available for simulating wind farms. Twenty new power curves are available, mainly covering the newest and largest turbines available. These include the 8 and 9 MW turbines from Vestas with 164m blades, 5 MW turbines from GE and the 140m bladed Goldwind GW140. Big thanks to Malte Jansen for helping to compile manufacturer data.

A full list of …

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Happy birthday Ninja

08 Apr 2019

Three years ago we launched and got our first user! It’s great to see the service grow over that time, and today we hit 4 million simulations run! Thank you to all our users for helping to further the renewable energy transition.

We haven't had any updates for a while – as we've been working on some big things behind the scenes. More on that soon, but today we …

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New sub-national data for Europe

27 Jul 2018

We are pleased to announce a new dataset for download. We have simulated Europe’s fleet of wind and PV plants and aggregated it to NUTS-2 regions. This gives more granular detail than our existing national dataset, splitting 29 countries in Europe into 281 regions as pictured here:


(Image source and full-resolution version: Eurostat)

We have also produced maps of the NUTS zones in each individual country (NUTS2 …

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Apologies for downtime

02 Apr 2018

We apologise for the downtime over Easter weekend. Our host suffered technical problems in their Frankfurt datacenter, causing intermittent issues throughout the 1st and 2nd of April. Everything is back online now, so you can get back to your renewables data!

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Raw weather data

30 Mar 2018

Today we are launching a new model for which delivers raw weather data, such as temperature, rainfall and cloud cover. This works in the same ways as the wind farm and solar PV simulations: you can download weather data for a specific location with our point-and-click map, or you can select ‘Country’ mode to download pre-made datasets.

Eight weather variables are available in this initial release: temperature, rainfall, snowfall, …

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New R and Excel interfaces

29 Mar 2018

We have been working on our documentation to reduce the learning curve for the API, and extend usability to people without a programming background.

Since we enabled API keys for all users, it has been great to see a growing share of simulations being run through the API. We now have example code in R, and publicise the ‘Ninja Automator’ code. This is an R script automates the …

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