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The table below gives an overview of the most current pre-compiled datasets and available simulation model source code.

Dataset/model Details
PV v1.1, Europe, 1985-2016 Download (see below for older versions)
Wind v1.1, Europe, 1980-2016 Download (see below for older versions)
Source code for PV and wind models - View on GitHub

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Detailed information on datasets


Hourly PV capacity factors for the EU-28 plus Norway and Switzerland, simulated with MERRA-2 and CM-SAF SARAH, as described in the following paper:

[1] Pfenninger, Stefan and Staffell, Iain (2016). Long-term patterns of European PV output using 30 years of validated hourly reanalysis and satellite data. Energy 114, pp. 1251-1265. doi: 10.1016/

Version history

  • v1.1: Extends v1.0 data to include 2015 and 2016 for MERRA-2, and 2015 for SARAH (June 2017) [Download]
  • v1.0: Initial release (September 2016) [Download]


Hourly wind capacity factors for the EU-28 plus Norway and Switzerland, based on MERRA-2, simulating the present-day fleet of wind farms, the near-term future and long-term future fleets, as described in in the following paper:

[2] Staffell, Iain and Pfenninger, Stefan (2016). Using Bias-Corrected Reanalysis to Simulate Current and Future Wind Power Output. Energy 114, pp. 1224-1239. doi: 10.1016/

Version history

  • v1.1: Includes weather data from 1980-1984, 2015 and 2016, updated wind fleets, now based on MERRA-2 (June 2017) [Download]
  • v1.0: Initial release based on MERRA-1 (September 2016) [Download]

Publication-specific datasets

Grams et al. 2017

This is the dataset used in: Christian M. Grams, Remo Beerli, Stefan Pfenninger, Iain Staffell and Heini Wernli (2017). Balancing Europe’s renewable electricity through spatial deployment informed by weather regimes. Nature Climate Change. doi: 10.1038/nclimate3338

Dataset contains country-aggregated hourly wind and PV capacity factor simulations for Europe, covering 1985 to 2016.

Note: these data are superseded by the v1.1 European datasets listed above.

[Download dataset]

Fattori et al. 2017

This is the dataset used in: Fabrizio Fattori, Norma Anglani, Iain Staffell and Stefan Pfenninger (2017). High Solar Photovoltaic Penetration in Absence of Substantial Wind Capacity: Storage Requirements and Effects on Capacity Adequacy. Energy doi: 10.1016/

Dataset contains bias-corrected simulated PV generation for Lombardy and the NORD bidding zone in Northern Italy, using CM-SAF SARAH, covering 1986 to 2015 with hourly resolution.

[Download dataset]