New Ninja design and features

Published: 10 Jul 2017

Today we are pleased to unveil the next generation of the website! The website is now cleaner, fully mobile responsive, and features a new “country mode” interface to help you easily select and download nationally aggregated wind and solar output. In addition, in light of user feedback, the wind data in the new country mode is now separated into onshore and offshore.

When visiting the site you will now see two modes. “Points mode” is the familiar method of simulating an individual wind or solar farm. The interface options are the same as before, but with better options to search for a location and choose which year of data you download (more years of data will become available online later this summer).

The new “country mode” makes it easier to download regional and national renewable energy data, which so far has only been available through our Downloads page. You can either click on the map or search by name, and the ninja will give you a summary of the country’s wind and solar productivity with links to download hourly capacity factor data spanning 30 years or more. Our initial release covers the countries of Europe with the full validation from our published research papers.

In the coming weeks we are going to add more years of data to the “points mode”, allowing you to simulate individual farms under different weather years. We will also take the “country mode” global, generating national capacity factors for 100+ countries, states and regions. We are working to update the Documentation pages to detail the new simulation and API features.

As always, feel free to contact us if you spot any issues with the new website.